Lefty O'Douls in the Community:

At Bovis Foods, INC., if we do our job right, our greatest contribution to the good of society will come from our core business activities: lowering prices, expanding selection, driving convenience, driving frustration-free packaging, creating Kindle, innovating in web services, and other initiatives we'll work hard on in the future.

logolocalWe also contribute to the communities where our employees and customers live. Our contributions can be seen in many ways – through our donations to dozens of nonprofits across the United States, and through our employees' volunteer efforts.

Local Contributions
We support local and national nonprofits with cash and product donations, and we will continue to donate across the United States over the coming years. Recent contributions include:

Chinese Hospital Senior Center - San Francisco, CA
Lefty O'Doul's Foundation For Kids – San Francisco, CA
Equality (EQCA) - San Francisco, CA

We remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable partnerships, both at our operations around the world and through our corporate philanthropy program in San Francisco.  While competing in today's market, we assure that we do so in a fair manner that promotes competition. Acting with integrity when engaging with host governments and communities will assure that we uphold our values.

"We each have an obligation to the host communities in which we operate. We strive to be good stewards of the environment." 


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