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Lefty O Doul's Foundation For Kids is an organization whose sole purpose is to preserve and promote a "Field of Dreams" for our youth by providing deserving kids with all necessary baseball equipment including uniforms through fund raising events and soliciting donations in order to fulfill those important and extraordinary needs. Lefty believed in the importance of giving back to the community and especially to the children. So in his tradition, a portion of all proceeds will go toward supplying baseball equipment for under privileged children around the world. You can also donate at

Make Every Day Kids Day!
In 1927, in order to stop Lefty O'Doul from tossing so many baseballs to children in the left-field bleachers, Seals owner Charlie Graham agreed to sponsor a Kids Day, where youngsters were admitted to the ballgame for free. 10,000 kids filed into Recreation Park in San Francisco that day where O'Doul helped distribute 5,000 miniature bats, thousands of bags of peanuts and a half dozen flour sacks full of baseballs. One by one, O'Doul tossed the balls from the roof of the park's grandstand to screaming children in the crowd below. Needless to say, children loved Lefty O'Doul. They idolized him.

One of O'Doul's fans during that 1927 season was 12-year-old Joe DiMaggio, who was growing up in San Francisco at that time. "Every time he saw us, he would go to his trunk and throw us a couple of baseballs because he knew we were going down to a sandlot to play," said DiMaggio. There are countless stories of O'Doul's generosity and graciousness.

The Lefty O'Doul's Foundation for Kids was established to carry on the tradition of putting baseballs in the hands of children, inspiring them through generosity and kindness to love the game. Make every day kids day.

The Lefty O'Doul's Foundation for Kids challenges you to save baseball as part of the American Dream. Baseball is on the decline for today's youngsters, particularly those in growing up in under privileged neighborhoods because baseball bats, gloves, uniforms, cleats and registration fees are expensive. But where there is a dream there is a way! Give the youth of tomorrow the proper equipment to play and we might have a chance!

Register today! Be a part of the dream team! Donate to Lefty O'Doul's foundation & sponsor a child (or a team!) for a season of baseball. Pick your school, pick your team, pick your child and come on out to the ballgame! Or simply donate what you can (see attached registration form). The Lefty O'Doul's Foundation for Kids is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

The Lefty O'Doul's Foundation for Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping baseballs in the hands of today's youth. But we can only do it with your help! What started out as a local effort has evolved into a worldwide project that serves more than 10,000 children a year. Let's keep those numbers growing. We're out for a homerun! Maybe your child sponsor will grow up to be the next San Francisco Giant! Keep the legacy of Lefty alive.

Take me out to the ballgame!

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